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Apter and Resnick on Randy Savage Being Controlling, Volitile, and Ultra Talented

Wrestling with History episode 30 focused on Macho Man Randy Savage. Former WWE and AWA Broadcaster Ken Resnick joins forces with Legendary Pro Wrestling Journalist Bill Apter and former Philadelphia Radio Personality Bruce Wirt for a trip down memory lane.

In this episode:

  • Apter explains the story behind Andy Kaufman's neck brace that he gave to Jerry Lawler and WWE on the A&E Buried Treasures show

  • How Apter met Andy Kaufman

  • Resnick on whether old school wrestling would hold up in today's television environment

  • Resnick on working with Randy Savage for backstage interviews and promos

  • Resnick on talent's perception of Gene Okerlund

  • Drug testing in wrestling; perceptions and realities

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