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Manny Fernandez Talks About his Time Working for Championship Wrestling from Florida (CWF)

No BS with The Bull takes listeners on a journey through the life and career of former NWA champion "The Raging Bull" Manny Fernandez.

This week, Manny Fernandez talks about his time at Championship Wrestling from Florida:

  • Territory system in NWA

  • How championships were determined

  • National champion helping to put local talent over and vice versa

  • The difference between promoters and bookers

  • WWE recent releases

  • Lack of mega stars today

  • Traveling with the Briscos - getting ribbed

  • Major arenas in the Florida territory

  • Payoffs

  • Dropping the belt to Muraco, working with Ernie Ladd

No BS with the Bull drops every Monday on the VOC Nation Wrestling Network feed.

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