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Manny Fernandez Talks Andre Having Heat with Hogan at WM 3; Not Liking Jerry Lawler, More

No BS with The Bull takes listeners on a journey through the life and career of former NWA champion "The Raging Bull" Manny Fernandez.

This week, Manny Fernandez talks about older wrestlers working matches at conventions and putting themselves over against young talent; Manny's opinion of Hogan, Randy Savage, Jerry Lawler, and more:

  • Hulk Hogan trying to ride in the electrician's cart at Wrestlemania 3 instead of the golf cart, angering Andre the Giant

  • Wrestlers needing conventions and indy matches to make a living due to the system that was set up in the earlier years of wrestling

  • Older wrestlers going over against younger talent

  • Guys putting themselves in debt because they lived their gimmicks in real life

  • Working with the Rock and Roll Express

  • Working with Jerry Lawler as a promoter

  • Thoughts on Andy Kaufman

  • High praise for Kevin Sullivan as a booker

No BS with the Bull drops every Monday on the VOC Nation Wrestling Network feed.

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