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Nikita Koloff Interviewed for Latest Bumps and Thumps

Bumps and Thumps with Brian Ferguson airs every weekend on the VOC Nation Wrestling Network podcast feed.

This week: An exclusive interview with Nikita Koloff

Nikita Koloff is considered one of the great pro wrestlers of the mid 1980s and early 1990s. He is most remembered for his signature move "The Russian Sickle" and his feuds with Magnum T.A, The Road Warriors and The Four Horsemen. His many accomplishments include wining the second annual Crockett Cup with "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes know as the Super Powers. He also won the NWA World Six Man Tag Team Titles with "The Russians" Ivan Koloff and Krusher Kruchev, the NWA World Tag Team Titles, the NWA U.S. Title and the NWA World Television Title. Nikita was awarded the Frank Gotch Award in 2006 and was inducted in the NWA Hall of Fame in 2008. He has also written three books: Breaking Chains, Wrestling with Success: Developing a Championship Mentality, and A Tale of the Ring and Redemption. He hosts a podcast titled: It's Time to Man Up! which you can find anywhere you get your podcasts.

During the podcast, we discuss Nikita growing up in Minnesota, getting started in Pro Wrestling, travel experiences, Chemistry when working with wrestlers, being a member of the Russians, big events like Starcade and The Great American Bash, Working in the NWA and AWA, and what Nikita is doing now.

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