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On SummerSlam, CM Punk, Becky Lynch, and More

by: Brady Hicks

I just finished SummerSlam, didn't do NXT yet. I know people were critical of it, but I actually liked it mostly top to bottom.

My only real issue was Becky Lynch coming in and taking the belt right off of Bianca Belair. Wonder if she's not hurt ... That could have been a long program that culminated at WrestleMania, or at least been a 20 minute match of the night. Again, I'm thinking Bianca must be hurt.

Other lowlights included the hokey Alexa stuff and the fitting boring ending to the boring feud between Jinder and Drew McIntyre. Otherwise, I was very happy with the show.

Plus with the old signage, the big stadium, and the old stars returning it felt to me like how SummerSlam used to feel.

As a side -- and I know I'll get killed for saying this, but Becky Lynch got as big a reaction as CM Punk, if not bigger. I still think she's the biggest face in the company for some reason.

Just the fact that I'm actually posting about it though means things must be looking up.

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