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ROH's Quinn McKay Talks Angelina Love, Super 8, and Women of Honor

This week, “My Big Break”, hosted by Gerry Strauss, returns with ½ of one of Ring of Honor’s most anticipated (and unlikely) featured bouts of 2021, as Angelina Love prepares to battle this week’s guest, ROH host/interviewer QUINN MCKAY! Much more than a microphone and bowtie, Quinn’s buttoned-up background is blown wide open on this week’s show as we discuss her ENTIRE story, including:

· The INSANE details of her eight-year career in roller derby

· Winning the 2018 ECWA “Chick Fight” Super 8 with LESS THAN 10 matches under her belt

· Taking the ultimate gamble and leaving her life behind to train at the ROH Dojo

· Keeping her in-ring training a secret from the ROH roster

· What her match against Angelina Love REALLY represents

· What she’s learned from working with Sinclair Broadcasting

· Being in the spotlight as a wrestler vs. avoiding it as an interviewer

· Her thoughts on pursuing an in-ring career vs. continuing as a TV host

Before watching her step into an ROH ring and compete for the first time ever on this weekend’s new episode of ROH Wrestling, get up, close and personal with Quinn McKay like never before on this week’s “My Big Break!”

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