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Sassy Steph Sits Down with Alyssa Marino on Talkin' Sass

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On this episode of Talkin' Sass, former NXT live host and backstage interviewer Alyssa Marino joins the show to talk about wrestling, opera, and of course her Youtube show "Let's Get Cereal" She just celebrated 1 year of bringing back "Let's Get Cereal" which is where she rates, discusses and eats cereal. A lot of times she has spectacular wrestling guests as they sit and talk the finer points of wrestling. She also shares how she did a try out to wrestle and the hilarious character she brought to life. Plus, her short but intense path to becoming a NXT live host. Who were some of her favourites to interview? Did she ever make a mistake while ring announcing? All of this and so much more! Support the show: Subscribe to the show Patreon.com/SassyStephie Twitter.com/SassyStephie Instagram.com/SassyStephie VOCNation.com Music by: Shane Ivers Silvermansound.com

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