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WCW Star Daffney Talks Miss Elizabeth, WCW, and Holding Men's Gold on Talkin' Sass

In this episode of Talkin' Sass, I am joined by Daffney. She is one of the most genuine and sweetest people in the wrestling business. Plus, she is always good for a laugh or scream! Daff opens up about how she got a job at WCW, wrestling Miss Elizabeth, being the 2nd woman to hold the Cruiserweight championship, her injuries which lead to a worker's comp claim against TNA, mental health, the importance of taking care of yourself in the ring and NOT working while injured and so much more. If you are able, please go support Daffney as she is going back to school. Follow Daff for more info or how to help! Support the show Patreon.com/SassyStephie Twitter.com/SassyStephie Instagram.com/SassyStephie VOCNation.com All music by Shane Ivers Silvermansound.com

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